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Pamporovo, located in southern part of Rhodopes, is the southernmost ski center in whole Bulgaria and is one of the most popular winter resorts in the country. Located only 80 kilometers from Plovdiv it is easily accessible by roads. It is set at an altitude of 1620 meters and nearby is Snezanka peak at 1927 meters above sea level. There are some places around Pamporovo where, when days are clear, you can see the coast of Greece.

Pamporovo is most known for skiing and snowboarding, but cross-country skiing has become more popular over the past few years. More and more paths are made every year for cross-country tours. Novice skiers should not be intimidated visiting Pamporovo because the resort is not just for professionals: it is also equipped with programs for the absolute beginner.

Did you know that Pamporovo ski school is one among the best in Europe? Many coaches with a highly efficient set of programs, are more than happy to teach you how to ski or board. Most of our instructors are highly educated ski professional and all of them speak foreign languages.

Pamporovo’s climate is very comfortable. The mountains that surround the place make for a perfect and balanced mixture of snowy and sunny days throughout the year. Winters are mild, due to the mountain peaks which block strong winds from reaching the town, but Pamporovo still receives 150 days of snowfall a year. Summer days are most comfortable, with refreshing nights. and breezy mornings. The large surrounding forest of Norwegian spruce keeps the air very clean and is one of the reasons why ecotourism is expanding in this area.

Drinking water comes from glacial ice that is filled with minerals. Some visitors may feel mild stomach cramps when drinking water here on their first day of visiting because their bodies are not prepared for such mineral-dense natural water.

Pamporovo’s ski slopes and cross-country track are kept in perfectly good condition because they are maintained daily. Being able to maintain 50 kilometers of ski runs and around 40 kilometers of cross-country tracks, with the capacity of 13000 people per hour, is something that this ski resort takes a lot of pride in. Due to its high altitude and snow-cannon machines, skiing is possible in Pamporovo during the whole year.

When you are visiting, you can expect to meet tourists from all over Europe. The town is full of many bars and hotels in which there are a lot of programs and special events.

Plans for upgrading the Pamporovo area, are currently under way. Many ideas for future development have been considered at this point, and among them, a connection with the Smolyan lakes and gold courses may be the most notable. A new highway is being planned that will connect the Greek sea coast with the Smolyan region. This will allow for a unique opportunity to  enjoy the snow of the mountains but also to enjoy cocktails on the warm sandy beach of the Aegean (Thracian sea) after only a few hours drive.

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