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Devil’s Throat Cave

Devils Throat CaveDevil’s Throat cave is located in the Trigrad Gorge only 1 km from the village of Trigrad and 20 km from the town of Devin in the Western Rhodopes mountains. The gorge is an oasis for any outdoor enthusiast offering many levels of trails. Hiking, walking, biking, bird watching, fishing, or swimming, Trigrad Gorge is the perfect place to explore the wild.

The Trigrad Gorge
Known as Bulgaria’s greatest natural landmark and certainly most splendid in the Rhodope Mountains. The gorge is one of the biggest in the country, standing at almost 7 km long. Nestled at the belly of the gorge you’ll discover the Trigrad River flowing free. Like a hot knife through butter, it’s taken over a million of years of weathering, high water levels, and erosion to create the magnificence 150-300m vertical cliff walls surrounding the gorge.

A paved road passes through the Trigad Gorge as it’s actually cut directly into the side of the rocky mountain terrain. It’s the only active link between Trigrad Village and Devin to use by vehicle. On this road, located near the highest cliff, you’ll find the entrance to one of the most popular attractions in the region- Devil’s Throat Cave.

Devil’s Throat Cave
Surprisingly, Devil’s Throat cave doesn’t offer impressive ornate rock formations like you see at so many other popular geographical sites in the Rhodope Mountains. Spectators come to Devil’s Throat for other reasons, they’re motivated at the real possibility of partaking on a actual exploration of discovery. Taking part in a mysterious and awe-inspiring subterranean kingdom.

The cave gets it name because the entrance bears a close resemblance to the devil’s head. Oddly enough, down its throat flows the incredible waterfall that has captivated imaginations from the early days of the Thracian Period. Over time the cave and its incredible waterfall have given birth to endless counts of myths and legends.

Water flows from the Trigrad River into the mouth of the cave as it descends 45 meters straight down the throat making it the highest subterranean waterfall in the Balkan Peninsula. As you enter the cave the water disappears down a mysterious funnel that drops more than 150 meters down into another cavern as it continues to flow out amongst the mountain terrain then out to another cave. The acoustical ambiance created by the muffled roar of the waterfall is known as The Hall of Thunder.

It’s recommended to visit in late spring and early summer when the water flows at its highest and the flora of the Rhodopes are popping.

What else can I do in the cave?
• From the beginning of May to October, the local spelunkers’ club organizes descents into the caves with boats. Offering informative tours of the cave if you dare the conditions.
• If you look closely you will discover the devil’s face and other figurines on the cave walls
• Visit the Noisy Hall
• Track interesting habitat like animals, to small flora, to rare fauna species.

Devils Throat Cave MarkingsIt’s a one way ticket at Devil’s Throat. The cave is known to filter debris and other natural items the river offers. As nothing flowing into the mouth of the cave has ever emerges from the other side. In the past, attempts have been made to follow pieces of wood or other natural materials through the waterfall and down cave. Amazingly, still to this day, no one has found the debris come out the other side. For unknown reasons, it always vanishes without a trace somewhere in the underground river.

Peaking ones imagination and curiosity about Devil’s Throat even more so.

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