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Canyon of Waterfalls

Grab your parka, and dust off those hiking shoes and come visit one of Bulgaria’s greatest natural spectacles at the Canyon of Waterfalls.

The Eco-Path

Canyon of Waterfalls BulgariaThe Canyon of Waterfalls is located near the town of Smolyan where you’ll start your 6km hike in neighboring Sredoka. As you drive into Sredoka, proceed right and continue 1.5 km following the posted signs for ‘eco-path’ along the way. Once you arrive, park the vehicle and continue by foot into the wonders of canyon country.

Depending on your pace, the trail can be completed in roughly 3-4 hours. You could easily option for a full day if you decide a more leisure pace. Just don’t forget your camera and picnic basket full of water and tasty nibbles. To begin, you’ll start on the path and continue past the tourist information center before you start encountering the first of many breathtaking views the canyon.

The eco-path is well maintained and completely safe for all family members young and old. Throughout your walk you’ll be on secure ground, just use caution around moist surfaces as the waterfalls can cause slippery conditions when wet. Strategically placed steps along the trail are carved out to assist over the more challenging sections of the eco-path.

Canyon of Waterfalls Bulgaria Elenska RiverLeisure day hikes with picnics are encouraged during your visit. You’ll be delighted to find designated huts, and benches along the path to enjoy a relaxing meal and rest amongst the beautiful surroundings. Not to mention, during the summer months, feel free to freshen up by having a invigorating swim in the Elenska River.

At the higher elevations, you’ll find viewpoints throughout the trail with spectacular vantage points of the falls and the Rhodope Mountains. The eco-path includes numerous wooden bridges, criss crossing both sides of the Elenska River.

To maximize your experience. It’s recommended to visit the Canyon of Waterfalls in early summer when the water levels are at there peak or mid autumn when fall foliage colors are vibrant and pristine. Besides the winter season, the rest of the year offers lovely conditions for hiking, fishing, biking and most outdoor activities. Daytime temperatures are mild during the spring months, warm days and cool evenings in the summer. While the canyon’s conifers leaves begin to brush the landscape in earthy shades of yellow, red and brown in autumn. Beautiful!

The Falls

Canyon of Waterfalls Bulgaria Orpheus Waterfall

Orpheus Waterfall | Bulgaria

The Canyon of Waterfalls is a blend of 46 isolated phenomenal waterfalls. The biggest and most popular is Orpheus. Peaking at 68m high. Orpheus, was the Thracian mythical musician and prophet. Orpheus supposedly inhabited the Rhodope Mountains, home to these magnificent waterfalls. The waterfalls are situated in the canyons stretching along the Elenska River and are interconnected via this well-managed eco-path.

Other waterfalls will include:

  • Kamen Uley (Stone Chute)
  • Sartseto (the Heart)
  • Kazanite (the Barrels)
  • Ropkata


Additional Information

Educated tour guides are available to enlighten visitors of interesting stories of folklore and historic information about these majestic falls and the surrounding mountains. Not only tour guides, but naturalist too. They will be eager to educate visitors about the indigenous plants and animals life that inhabit the Soskovcheto Reserve.

COW Ecopath foot bridgeOpen from May to October, please make sure you wear comfortable and befitting footwear. As mentioned before, the stones near the waterfalls can be slippery when wet so take extreme caution during the peak seasons. The trails will consist of several options, and will always be well marked on the local map, just take notice of your direction. Longer more difficult hikes on this route can be over 10 km long and with vertical climbs around 700m in total. However, the most visited portion of the eco-path will be the leisure 6 km long route suitable for all ages. The trail will be properly marked and not too difficult with only a few relatively steep sections to conquer.

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