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Places to Visit

Asen’s Fortress

Preached high above the surrounding terrain, Asen’s Fortress is encircled by vertical rocky cliffs making it virtually an impregnable position from attacking forces.

Bachkovo Monastery

Being easily accessible from many vantage points, Bachkovo Monastery is the second most visited monastery in Bulgaria.  The grounds consist of two yards and four churches with 18 chapels still used today for rites of passages, congregations, weddings and baptisms.

Canyon of Waterfalls

The Canyon of Waterfalls is a blend of 46 isolated phenomenal waterfalls situated in the canyons stretching along the Elenska River and are interconnected via a well-managed eco-path.

Caves of the Rhodopes

Mythical and mysterious, and the birthplaces of many stories and legends in Bulgarian history. Most known are Yagodinska Cave, Uhlovitsa Cave, Devil’s throat and Snezhanka Cave.

Chudnite Mostove: “Wonderful Bridges”

Long ago these bridges had been one undivided cave, created by the power and destruction of river flow plus years of weathering. In time portions of the cave would collapse forming the impressive marble hole like bridges we see today.

Devil’s Throat Cave

Spectators come to Devil’s Throat for the real possibility of partaking in an actual exploration of discovery by taking part in a mysterious and awe-inspiring subterranean kingdom.

Village of Gela

Gela is a mythical village, full of legends and sights to be seen and also a place for people who want to refresh themselves from everyday stress and enjoy as Orpheus did many years ago.


The Kardzhali Museum of History is said to have one of the most prolific exhibitions of Christian icons and ethnographic in Bulgaria, including pre-historic tools and delicate works of ceramics from the Thracian cities of Perperikon and Tatul.


Surrounded by a diverse forest, in the valley, with crystal river and fresh springs of ice cold water, this area is perfect for the people who love to spend time in the wilderness.

Leshten Village

Leshten is considered a quite summer holiday retreat for the local Bulgarians and Europeans. The old homes of Leshten have been beautifully restored into summer cottages for weekend holidays and guest-houses for visitor near and far.


Pamporovo is most known for skiing and snowboarding, but cross-country skiing has become more popular over the past few years. More and more paths are made every year for cross-country tours.

Shiroka Laka Village

Take in the festivities here at the village. Shiroka Luka is legendary for its traditional but unique folklore music and dances.


The nature around Smolyan is amazing: forests, uprising mountains, and nearby Smolyan lakes make this city perfect place for vacation.

Thracian Sanctuaries

In recent decades many new discoveries of the Thracian culture have been excavated within this mountainous region. Come visit today and learn more about the barbaric Thracian civilization of south eastern Europe once lived and thrived in the Rhodope Mountains.

Trigrad and Buynovo Canyons

High up in the mountains, far from crowded towns and the fast lifestyle of the city, two ancient canyons are still masters of their land.


Zlatograd is a charming village located in the Smolyan Province of the Rhodope Mountains only 2 km from the Greek border and 60 km southeast of Smolyan.

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