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Rhodope-Set “Radiogram” Finishes Up In Poland

Night Sky Over Rhodope Mountain Church

Directed and scripted by Rouzie Hassanova, the Polish-Bulgarian-Turkish feature film, “Radiogram”, heads to Poland for post-production. Filming began last July 2015 primarily in a remote village in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, and the nearby Vitosha Mountain also served as locations for the film.

Set in 1971, and based on a true story, “Radiogram” is a film about how far a father will go for his rock-and-roll obsessed son when Western music was banned in communist Bulgaria because of its rebellious themes. “Radiogram” is essentially a film about freedom, the pow
er of the individual, and the love of family.

Radiogram is director Rouzie Hassanova’s first feature film. The film stars Alexander Hadjiangelov, Aleksandar Aleksiev and Yana Titova. The cast includes Stephan A.Shtereff, Stefan Mavrodiev, Ovanes Torosyan and Filip Avramov. One of the most exciting aspects of Radiogram is how the movie’s composer, Maciej Dobrowolski, has mixed traditional American rock-and-roll music with the sounds and instruments of the Rhodope Mountains.

The premiere is set for 2017.


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