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A Picture Tour of Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains

The Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria are rich in history and full of places to explore.

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Largest Ancient Christian Church Discovered in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains

The newly discovered Early Christian Church in Thracian City of Perperikon in Southern Bulgaria. Photos: bTV

A Christian Church from the 5th century was recently discovered in Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains during excavations of the ancient city of Perperikon.

The Sega Daily reports that archaeologists have classified the new temple as an Early Byzantine Bishop’s Basilica (or church). This is the third Christian church that has been discovered in Perperikon since excavations began 17 years ago.

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5 Favorite Spots in the Rhodope Mountains

Batak lake (dam) at sunrise, Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

There’s no denying that Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains, the mountain range in the country’s southeast, are stunning. But given the size of the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountain range—the beautiful landscape covers 5,689 square miles (that’s over 3.6 Million acres)—it can be hard to decide on exactly which landmarks to visit.

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Exporting Rhodopean Bagpipe Tradition to the United States

Kaynak Piper Band Concert

Kaynak Piper Band’s mission is to make it possible for people all of the world to feel the magic of the kaba gaida (the Rhodope Mountain bagpipe).

Kaynak Piper Band Gaida

Kaynak Pipers Band Facebook @gaidunica

They are making a lot of progress, but they still need our support.

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Rhodope-Set “Radiogram” Finishes Up In Poland

Night Sky Over Rhodope Mountain Church

Directed and scripted by Rouzie Hassanova, the Polish-Bulgarian-Turkish feature film, “Radiogram”, heads to Poland for post-production. Filming began last July 2015 primarily in a remote village in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, and the nearby Vitosha Mountain also served as locations for the film.

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