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Exporting Rhodopean Bagpipe Tradition to the United States

Kaynak Piper Band Concert

Kaynak Piper Band’s mission is to make it possible for people all of the world to feel the magic of the kaba gaida (the Rhodope Mountain bagpipe).

Kaynak Piper Band Gaida

Kaynak Pipers Band Facebook @gaidunica

They are making a lot of progress, but they still need our support.

Kaynak Pipers Band is a Bulgarian bagpipes ensemble that performs traditional folklore from the Rhodope Mountain region in Bulgaria. Arguably the most distinctive symbol of traditional Bulgarian culture, the Bulgarian bagpipe has remained authentic since ancient times. The band aims to continue the traditions of the kaba gaida and to bring people from all of the world closer to the music, traditions and folklore of the Bulgarian Rhodopes.

“We believe that diversity in music is essential for our society and Rhodopean Kaba Gaida and folkore are important and significant parts of that diversity of unique cultural tradition worldwide.” – Kaynak Piper Band

After the band gained significant recognition at the 2016 International Bagpipe Conference in Glasgow, they were invited to the United States to participate in the Chicago World Music Festival and the Richmond Folk Festival. Kaynak Piper Band also has concerts booked in New York, Detroit, Boston, and Baltimore.

The tour is bound to open new opportunities for the band and their mission, but they need the community’s help to reach those goals.

The time and energy that they have spent on their mission to share the sounds of the Rhodopean bagpipe with the world is on the cusp of becoming a sustainable source of income, and a lot of that has to do with whether they make it to America to perform in front of over 700,000 people.

The band has started an IndieGoGo Campaign for help to get to the USA and fund plane tickets, Visa fees, and other tour expenses.

Watch this video to hear from the band themselves about why they need your help:

Interest in the kaba gaida has been on the rise and is globally recognized, especially in the ethno-jazz genre. The low-pitched bagpipe is also known as a good instrument for early childhood development and stress management.

“We value the Rhodopean traditions, folklore and culture. For us they are source of wisdom and inspiration. They give us strong roots so we can fly higher. We believe that the sound of kaba gaida played in the Rhodope mountain is unique and everyone should know this from personal experience.” – Kaynak Piper Band

Upcoming Shows:

Aug 01-07, 2016 Kaba gaida workshop, Rahovitza, Kosovo village (http://rahovitza.org), BG. Booking here https://goo.gl/pSLDvW
Sep 15, 2016 Thank You Concert, The Stage, Sofia, BG
Sep 24, 2016 World Music Festival, Chicago IL, USA
Sep 26, 2016 3rd Man Records, Detroit MI, USA
Sep 27, 2016 New England Conservatory, Boston MA, USA
Sep 28, 2016 MIT, workshop with MIT World Music Students and an evening concert, Boston MA, USA
Sep 29, 2016 Drom NYC, New York, USA
Sep 30, 2016 Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD, USA
Oct 3, 2016 Richmond VA, University of Richmond, Richmond VA, USA
Oct 7, 2016 Music Concert Series, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Oct 08, 2016 Richmond Folk Festival, Richmond VA, USA
Oct 10, 2016 The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA
Oct 21, 2016 Kinisi Festival Santorini, Greece

Learn More About Kaynak Piper Band:

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