Rhodope Mountain Attractions

  • Thracian Sanctuaries
  • Situated on a rocky ridge above the village of Gorna Krepost in the Eastern Rhodopes lies the lost Thracian sanctuary of Perperikon. Perperikon was the site of a famous Temple of Dionysus, the god of wine.

    The ancient ruins of Tatul are located on top of a hill with a panoramic view of the surrounding Eastern Rhodopes. Tatul was an important spiritual place for the Thracians and the site of ritual sacrifices.

    Belintash, a Thracian sanctuary near the village of Mostovo, is a favorite site for extra sensitive people who can feel a special strong positive energy field.

  • Canyon of Waterfalls
  • To maximize your experience. It’s recommended to visit the Canyon of Waterfalls in early summer when the water levels are at there peak or mid autumn when fall foliage colors are vibrant and pristine. Besides the winter season, the rest of the year offers lovely conditions for hiking, fishing, biking and most outdoor activities. READ MORE
  • Bachkovo Monastery
  • Being easily accessible from many vantage points, Bachkovo Monastery is the second most visited monastery in Bulgaria. The estate is just under 8000 square meters and sits at 440 meters above sea level. The grounds consist of two yards and four churches with 18 chapels still used today for rites of passages, congregations, weddings and baptisms.READ MORE
  • Wonderful Bridges (Chudnite Mostove)
  • In this terrain of limestone, a unique landscape has been created by the process of aggressive erosion. Under this region of the Rhodope Mountains, the geographical traits of limestone have made it common to find massive landscape features such as gorges, buttes, sink holes, jagged ridges, and other rock phenomenons. READ MORE
  • Shiroka Laka Village
  • Take in the festivities here at the village. Shiroka Laka is legendary for its traditional but unique folklore, music and dances. Shiroka Laka has had a long history of music and artistry flowing through its veins. Some of Bulgaria’s most famous singers, composers, and instrumentalist have been born and raised in the Shiroka Laka district. READ MORE
  • Zlatograd
  • Zlatograd is a charming village located in the Smolyan Province of the Rhodope Mountains only 2 km from the Greek border and 60 km southeast of Smolyan. Between the years of 1867 and 1912 under the rule of the Ottoman Empire the area of the township was known as Daridere. Remittance of that era still remain with its numbers historic buildings and 19th century Orthodox churches including a town mosque.READ MORE

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